Doctor in the classroom and health education hours a sustainable proposal for pediatric prevention

Doctor in the classroom and health education hours: a sustainable proposal for pediatric prevention

Children’s health at the center of the conference sponsored by the PreSa – Prevention and Health network (, to call attention to it

The health of children at the center of the conference promoted by the PreSa network – Prevention and Health (, To draw public attention to prevention issues in pediatrics. Most recent advances have led to a reduction in pediatric mortality in oncology, at the same time childhood obesity is increasing exponentially and fewer and fewer children are being vaccinated. To address pediatric prevention needs, Establishment of class doctor proposed, involving of the 7.000 Italian residents and final year medical students.

Include health education as a propaedeutic subject in the curricula in primary and secondary schools and provide for the presence of the class physician, involving residents or final-year medical students. Thus giving an answer to the critical issues and delays that still occur in prevention in childhood and adolescence, by leveraging early education of children in correct lifestyles and health behaviors.

The Proposal Comes from the Experts, Researchers and Institutional Decision Makers Attention The Annual Conference of Taken – Prevention and Health (www.Prevention-Health.IT), A Network Joined by Numberus Scientific Societies and Patient Associations, Which Each Year Organizes a Meeting-Debate Aimed at Raising Public and Decision-Makers’ Awareness of Strategic Issues for Our National Health Service. This year’s event is dedicated to the theme of Pediatric Health and Explores Issues Such As Advances in Science in Oncology, Rare Diseases, Pharmaceutical Innovation and the Need for “Tailor-Made” Trials for Children.

But the fundamental issue is that of prevention: the great advances in research achieved in the last decade have allowed a contraction in mortality among children affected by serious oncohematological diseases, but despite these successes, the health of future generations is threatened by problems such as the exponential growth of childhood obesity, which affects no less than 41 million children in advanced countries, and the progressive decline in pediatric vaccinations that has affected Italy in recent years, with vaccination coverage now below the safe threshold.

The Needs of Prevention Could Be Met by the Figure of the Class Physician and the inclusion of the subject in the educational curriculum. “Our Goal is to Promotes to Culture of Prevention, A Prevention Participated in By Citizens – States Scientific Director Marco Trabucco Aurilio – However, it is important to start at Young Age: Taken Proposes The Figure of the Class Physician for Which Resident Physicians Couling Be Involved, AS Well As 7.000 in Italy, who could devote a part, obviously not predominant, of their professional training, to promoting correct lifestyles and appropriate preventive measures in Italian schools; final-year medical students, who already have adequate training for this task, could also be involved; these “health promoters” would not entail additional costs for the National Health Service and being young they could have a special understanding with young people“.

An opportunity almost “at zero cost” for public finances since the residents are already scholarship holders and of great importance for a country like Italy that commits only 1.5 percent of its health spending to prevention, at the bottom of European countries. “Our country invests too little in prevention and this for the National Health Service is a boomerang from an economic point of view but also from the point of view of childhood diseases, many of which, such as obesity and infectious diseases, could be prevented and avoided by teaching correct lifestyles, proper nutrition from an early age and adherence to vaccination programs – emphasizes Trabucco Aurilio – we are witnessing a reduction in mortality from childhood malignancies precisely because of advances in diagnostics and the adoption of innovative therapeutic protocols, many times the result of Italian research“.

Another major issue is that of the need for child-friendly medicines. Today, most drugs marketed in Europe are not supported by studies evaluating the risk-benefit ratio in children. Therefore, off-label use in pediatric age is widespread, exposing this fragile population to a high risk of therapeutic errors and adverse events in light of the differences between the developing and adult organism. Therefore, ad hoc pediatric clinical trials are needed in order to have effective and safe drugs for children.

In this direction, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) promotes programs to implement clinical research in Pediatrics for drugs already registered for different indications, and requires ad hoc studies to be performed for all drugs with potential use in children.

These issues will continue to be closely monitored by PreSa through its on and offline resources. “The PreSa project was born two years ago with the aim of helping to promote health in a simple but effective way, uniting the expertise of doctors and health professionals from all over Italy – Declas Trabucco Aurilio – The centerpiece is an online portal where articles dedicated to informing people about health and prevention issues are posted daily. Information Activities have expanded from the online platform to the periodical press and radio; A Specific Topic IS Explored in the Annual Conference, offering a Snapshot of the States of the Art in Terms of Epidemiology and Scientific Research. This year We Wanted to Dedicate The Day to Children’s Health“.

On the Sidelines of the Conference, taking promoted Three Symbolic Mini-Marathons at the Same Time This Year in the Cities of Rome, Florence and Naples. For the Running Athletes, Doctors, and Volunteers, The Milestones Were Bambino Gesù Hospital, Meyer Hospital, and Santobono Hospital, Respectively, Where they Delivered Christmas Gifts For the Young Intreths Spending The Holidays in the Ward This Year.