Frosinone- Conference was Held Saturday

Frosinone- The Conference “ Family Physicians for the ’ Environment ” was Held on Saturday;

It was Held This Morning, Saturday, Feb. 21, At the "Ubik" Bookstore on Aldo Moro Street, The Press Conference Presenting the Association "Family Physicians for the Environment.". At the speakers' table, DRS. Teresa Petricca, in Pulmonary Specialist, Armando Papetti, Umberto Messia and Giovambattista Martino.
The Association "Family Physicians for the Environment," Which Includes Thirteen Family Physicians and One Pulmonary Specialist, Was Born Out of the Need To Draw Information On The Short-and Long-Term Effects on the Respiration Health of the Population of Frosinone, AS A result Of Exposure to Different FRANCTIONS OF PM and other polluts.

The Association Has Made Its Own the conviction, Taking Into Account The New Continuous Scientific Acquisitions, That with Respect to Determinism o to the aggravation of chronic lung disease such as, chronic bronchopathy, adult and children's asthma, lung cancer, take shape the obligation of air pollution investigations with other methodologies, which consider the citizen's health as the true measure of air pollution. The patient, the repository of the damage, will constitute a "biological control unit" that will be studied and monitored by the activity of the referring physician.

How? Making a questionnaire, dictated by World Health Organization guidelines, to be given to more than 10 thousand caregivers in the city of Frosinone. Questionnaires that will then be sent to an epidemiology institute to compile accurate data on respiratory diseases so as to get an accurate picture of pollution in the city of Frosinone.
Professionals, reference for more than 10.000 residents of the capital city of Ciociaria, Questioned and subsequently appeared to the Incasse to the Exponmential, Brought to Attention in Recent Years of Medical Activity, of New Diagnoses of Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Respiratory Diseases and exactbactions of Diseases Where Almedy Pre-Existing. The physicians, also in light of the therapeutic difficulties dictated by the persistence and severity of symptoms, recognizing the difference in expression between traditional and current clinical pictures, grounded in the sensitivity, responsibility, and concern proper to the profession, wondered what their role beyond mere diagnosis and treatment.

The belief of all is severe air pollution, which has led Frosinone to be first in Italy for particulate matter, has a decisive pathogenic role in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.
The Immediate Response to this Alarm Was, Therefore, The Spontaneous Establishment of An Association in Order to: Promotes in Its Medical Practices a Mapping of the Territory of Fusinate Relating to Acute and Chronic Inflammator Respiration Diseases, proceed to Careful and Continuous Monitoring, Work On Observational Studies, Make Public What Emerged and Represent A Cultural Reference Point for This Purpose Structured, Using Among Other Things, Medical Authorities Working in The Field of Pollution of University Vallue With International Recognition.

The Reasons

The Massive Incasted in Atmospheric Emissions of Polutents produced in Recent Decades in Industrialized Countries by The Frenzied Incasse in Public and Private Transportation, Growing Urbanization, Industrial Activity, and the UNRESTRAINED Deforestation of Our Cities, Has Made That the Quality of the Air We Breathe Constititis a major environmental problem.
At Stake is the Health Concen, in Terms of Incasede Respiratory Morbidity and Mortality, as a direct or Indirect Consequence of Climate Variations and Associated Factors.

It is necessary and overdue to curb climate change by curbing emissions of CO2 and other polluts, Halting the felling of greenry replaced by concrete flows, and agreeing on sustainable resource management. On the other hand, public health approaches to reduce citizens' exposure to air pollution must be implemented taking into account that the goals to be achieved include: the reduction of fossil fuels and the control of vehicle emissions; the reduction of private traffic in the city in parallel with the improvement of pedestrian traffic; The planting of non-allergenic trees and plants in the city.

Air pollution induces clinical effects, especially respiratory, of varying degrees in the exposed population. On the other hand, it is now known that the temperature of the globe has increased, as is evident from the warming of the oceans, melting of glaciers. In addition, climate change is also characterized by increased intensity, frequency type of precipitation, and the occurrence of extreme events such as heat and cold waves, droughts, floods, and hurricanes. This is due to the rise in the atmosphere, as a result of human activities, of greenhouse gas concentrations that include mainly carbon dioxide but also methane, nitrogen oxides and numerous gases released by industrial processing.

Several human diseases involving mainly the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are linked precisely to climate fluctuations with increased mortality especially as a consequence of heat waves. AS QUOTED From The Text of the Work Published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the Most Important Greenhouse Gas and its concentration in the atmosphere has riom from a pre-industrial value of about 228 ppm to 379 ppm in 2005; The Same Trend Has Occurred for in the prevalence of Other Greenhouse Gases of Anthropogenic, i.and., Human Origin, Such As Ch4 (Methane) and No2 (Nitrogen Oxide). To reiterated The Harmful Effect Related to the UNRESTRATRAINED DEFORSTATION OF CITIES. This very serious issue for humanity has been well covered in the STERN report in which it is possible to read that : The scientific evidence is overwhelming: climate change is now a real threat to the world in which we live and therefore requires a response that is as global as it is urgent.[/quote]