Vegetarian diet can be followed during pregnancy

Vegetarian Diet: Can it be followed in Pregnancy?

Mothers-to-be may decide to undergo prenatal screening tests, such as the fetal DNA testing, or prenatal diagnosis, such as amniocentesis, to assess the risk that the baby may be affected by chromosomal abnormalities. Pregnant women, in order to protect the health of their babies, have a duty to also take care of their own health by following a Correct lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet.

We often talk about vegetarian diet in pregnancy

We often talk about vegetarian diet in pregnancy, wondering if it could be a dietary regimen compatible with gestation. According to the’American Dietetic Association (ADA) vegetarian and vegan diets, if followed correctly, can be healthy, nutritionally adequate, and capable of bringing great benefits 1 . To Allaw the Fetus to Develop Properly and to Avoid the Occurrence of Malformations or Other Problems, it is necessary .

The nine months of gestation are a particles delicate periods, when the love of nutrients REQUARRE Inevitably Incaceses. Pregnant Women Should Never Underestimate The Fact That Boull Should Consume 2000 Kcal for Day, with a Balanced Approach of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat 3 . Doctors Can Help Expectant Mothers Keep Their Body Mass Index Under Control At All Times: Excess Calories and Being Overweight Are Associated with Incased Risk to the Health of the Pregnant Woman and the Baby 2 .

The vegetarian Diet Includes The Following Foods of Plant Origin

The vegetarian Diet Includes The Following Foods of Plant Origin, Such As Legumes, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Nuts and Seeds. Foods of Animal Origin, Such As Meat, Fish, Crustaceans and Shellfish 2 Are Excluded; While they are Including Eggs and Cheese, Who are not, However, Part of the Vegan Diet. Properly Balanced Vegetarian Diets, as reported by several studies, can be safe in Pregnancy 1 . If This Type of Diet Is Not Followed Properly, It Could Lead the Risk of Not Taking in All the Micronutrients Essential for Fetal Development 2 . L ’Folic Acid Is countined in Vegetables, Legumes and Whole Grains, So it is taken by Those Who follows a vegetarian diet. In Any Case, it is correct to take a ’ supplementation, because it is an essential element in Pregnancy.

Tea Vitamin B12, On the other hand, must be supplemented, expedally in the case of a vegan diet, because it is contined only in foods of animal origin. Both Are Critically Important for the Development of the Fetus’ Central Nervous System.

DOCTORS CAN HELP Expectant Mothers follow an appropriate Type of Diet So That They Do Not face Micronutrient Deficientcies. It is important Pay attention to the ’ Need for vitamins and trace elements 1 . Keeping These Elements in Check At All Times, and Aviding Deficiencies, it is possible to follow a vegetarian diet during booth pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Following in Healthy, Balanced Diet and Adopting to Proper Lifestyle is important to. A Medical Professional Can Help the Pregnant Woman Choose Which Prenatal Screening Test to take to Detect The ’. Tea Fetal DNA Testing is a prenatal screening test that ogieves 99.9 percent reliability for detecting major chromosomal abnormalities and can be performed as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.

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