Mediterranean diet remedy against premature ejaculation

Mediterranean diet, remedy against premature ejaculation

It is the Italian Society of Urology that confirms it: Food plays a key role in male sex life, above all influencing erection and problems related to a satisfactory sex life.

“We have verified that the winning formula is the perfect mix of healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity and, in the most serious cases, some targeted medicines that help to counteract premature ejaculation.” Has explained Giorgio Franco, president of the Association. “In themselves Italians are a people who eat well, this above all thanks to the traditional Mediterranean diet that underlies our gastronomic culture: we have one of the lowest obesity rate in all of Europe and we are very careful about health. As for the andrological prevention, the way to go is still long: men in particular struggle to trust the doctor as regards their sexuality, and a little for fear and a little for embarrassment, they tend to neglect the problems.”

In fact it is estimated that One Italian out of eight suffers from erectile dysfunction, for a total of 3 million people: but how to intervene concretely to solve the problem?

“It is essential to change your habit, focusing on balanced nutrition, daily physical activity, no smoke and alcohol only occasionally.” Continue the Dr.Frank. ‚ÄúThere are no miraculous remedies, only by following the general rules of a healthy life it is possible to counter a large part of the common problems related to the sphere of sexuality.”

Medicine and herbal medicine provide us with some effective remedies To counteract the phenomenon of premature ejaculation such as natural delayers, creams and sprays containing anesthetizing substances that help desensitize nerve terminations by facilitating the extension of the relationship. On the site Shytobuy, International leader in the personal care sector, You can find many products designed for those who face the most disparate legal problems for sexuality.