Therapeutic fasting, who can do it

Therapeutic fasting, who can do it

In the context of nutrition, fasting is a hotly debated topic. Over the Years, The Two Types of Fasting Most Discussed are intermittent and therapeutic Fasting. Certainly do not start a do-it-yourself diet or a do-date diet regimen to avoid physical issues.

Therapeutic fasting is one type of fasting

the therapeutic fasting is a type of fasting that can be carried out in a clinic, followed by a specialist, or on your own independently if, however, you already have experience with it (in any case, it is always better to carry it out under the supervision of the doctor).

Consists of voluntary avoidance of solid foods for a specific, time-limited period.

Solid foods are replaced by daily intake of at least 2.5 liters of liquids (water, unsweetened tea, fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable broths totaling 500 kcal).

It can be carried out by anyone, both healthy people and people with diseases, to improve one’s health condition and strengthen inner balance.

In the contrast, People with Certain Diseases, Organic or Psychiatric, Pregnant or BreastFeeding Women, The Elderly, Children, and People With Eating Disorders Or Liver Faigence Should Not Perform Therapeutic Fasting.

To best carry out This Practice, One Must “Rely” on Complete Physiological Rest, Aviding Work Stress and Staying in Bed and Sleeping As Much As Possible.

In Any Case, Despite The Effectiveness of This Practice, it Should Be Made Clear That Therapeutic Fasting is best to Should Be Practiced Only Within Specialized Facilities Where Medical Personnel Will Be Able To Supervise The ’ Entire Process and, If necessary, Administer Specific Medications or Supplements.

Has Positive Effects On Weight Loss

Has Positive Effects For Weight Loss (Espencially For Overweight Patients) and the Course of Type 2 Diabetes But Also For Other Conditions Such As Skin Problems, Cardiovascular System Disorders, Digestive Disorders and Thyroid Diseases.

In addition, with this Fasting You will have a Detachment from Food, Purify the Tissues, Prevent Aging and Have Greater Mental Clarity.