Sea, the benefits of iodine

Sea, the benefits of iodine

This is two to the Special Combination of Light, iodine, Sodium and Water That Leads To Total Regeneration for Anyone Expose to it all.

The Benefits Result in:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Disappearance of Bloating
  • Incaased Tone

That is Why it is Advisable to walk at Least Twenty Minutes Every day on the Shoreline: This According to He World Health Organization Helps Fight Obesity, Aging, Heart Problems and Depression.

The Greatest Benefits as Precisely from the present of the Iodine, which is a mineral found in Nature in different chemical forms.

In The Form of iodide, it is present in small percentages in Marine Waters While it is quite abundant, as sodium iodate, in Some Salt Deposits.

Iodine occupies an important role

Iodine occupies an important Preventive role toward various diseases, Espencialy Thyroid Ones: Essential for the Proper Functioning of the Thyroid Gland and for the Synthesis of Thyroid Hormones, Namely Triodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4).

If the Thyroid Gland Is Functioning Well, in Fact, Our Body Keps in Shape More Easily, Aviding Fat Accumulation OR Excessive Thinness.

Adequate iodine intake then contributes to healthy skin and stronger hair.

Another property that the scientific literature attributes to the mineral is that of acting as an antioxidant.

LSea water is rich in iodine however, the amount of iodine breathed in affects only a small part in our iodine requirement.

You also need to supplement this valuable mineral with the diet because its deficiency can lead to various diseases such as goiter, for example.

So eat fish and shellfish but also meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, and fruits and vegetables.

Pregnant women should also supplement because, during fetal life, deficiency of the mineral can cause problems with the maturation of the encephalon, affecting the intellectual and mental development of the unborn child.