Flebo diet Atzori AND a diet for losers and is very dangerous. You risk infections

IV Diet, Atzori: “E’ a diet for losers and it’s very dangerous. You risk infection, inflammation and toxic accumulation of vitamins”

Latest fashion for weight loss. Have a mix of multivitamins, mineral salts and other substances such as antioxidants and local anesthetics such as lidocaine injected into a vein. Dr.

Luciano Atzori, Expert in Food Safety, spoke on the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus during the program “Genetica Oggi” led by Andrea Lupoli.

“It is a fashion with no scientific basis for what it is used for. She was born into the American “star system” of VIPs. It is not supported by real needs.

The use of a drip with insertion of liquids into a vein is a method used only in particular cases such as patients unable to feed or drink. Excluding cases of this type, it makes no sense to introduce vitamins, mineral salts or antioxidant substances in our body to give us the illusion of a dose of health “.

“Going on an IV to lose weight increases health risks. You can encounter an excess of vitamins which leads for example to a surplus of work on the kidneys, an excess of vitamins such as A, D or K is very dangerous because they accumulate in our body giving toxic effects. Furthermore, it is possible to encounter infections, allergic reactions, inflammations.

It’s a diet for losers”.