Breast resurfacing with or without implants

Breast resurfacing: with or without implants?

In recent years, even in Italy, we have witnessed a real boom in cosmetic surgery: more and more women are deciding to have surgery to reshape and make their bodies more harmonious.

Whereas Until a Decade Aug, Cosmetic Surgery Was Considered Taboo and A Topic Only For Wealthy Vips, Able to SPEND ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO SEE THEMSELVES BETTER IN THE MIRROR, TODAY THE SITATION HAS PROFOUNDLY CHANGED. Costs for Surgery Have Reduced Significantly, The Number of Specialized Surgeons Has Incased, and Cosmetic appearance is Incursingly Important. Evidence of this is the growing number of women of all ages who decides to have breast resurfacing, particularly after pregnancy, after a serus illness, but sometimes just to incapese the volume of their cleavage.

But Surgical Interventions IS Always appropriate? How Many Types of Interventions Exist? Who Should Be approached for Such an Operation?
Here are some USEFUL Tips for Clarity.

First of All, As Surgeons Registered with Sicpre – The Italian Society of Plastic Recondstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – Also Suggest, It is Advisable to Identify and Undersand the Real Reasons Why a Woman Should Have Surgery On Her Breasts. If Behind This Desire, There is a Physical Discomfort That affects the Psychological and Social Sphere, then it is Worth Considering talking to a specialist, Who will be able to assess the real situation and recommer the mons suitable interventions. If, on the other hand, the desire is Simply to Incasse One's Bra size in Order To Please One's Partner More, or to Make a New Conquest, then it is good to weigh the choice More Carefully and Evaluate the real opportunity to intervene, poultices The Personal Taste of the People With Whom We Interact Might Change and a Surgical Operation Might Test Risky and Therefore inappropriate.

Second, It is good to know in in order to get a breast makeover, it is not alowys essential to apply implants. There are, in fact, Two Different Types of Operations. The first is the traditional one, Which Involution The Insertion of the Latest Generation of Breast Implants, Which Minimizes Risk and Has No Consequences. The second, on the other hand-which is generally recommended following excessive weight loss or in situations in which the tissues ave become particularly relaxed – Does Not Involve The Use of Silicone Implants, But Only a Reshaping of the Breast, Which is thus raised and shaped without too much noticeable scarring.

The result, therefore, is quite natural and in many cases you are also able to gain an increase in volume. In both cases, to recommend the best solution should be an experienced and specialized surgeon, who, after an initial and thorough examination – also accompanied by clinical investigations and assessments – will assess the patient's general picture and recommend the most suitable solution for her case. Finally, it is good to remember that before relying on a specialist, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible about her experience and training, to avoid running into bad surprises.