Frosinone – Emergency room emergency, city awaits level II Goddess

Frosinone – Emergency room emergency, city awaits level II Goddess

"After the approval in the Council of the resolution presented last November by the majority group leaders on the reorganization of the hospital network in Lazio, I re-proposed today in the courtroom the need to establish a level II Dea in Frosinone, also in compliance with the standards set by the State-Regions regulation.

As of today, in fact, the province of Frosinone has as its point of reference the Level II Dea of the Policlinico Umberto I, located in the center of Rome: an illogical choice that results in costly and exhausting passive mobility for the citizens of the ciociaria.

An area, I want to remind, harshly exposed to serious seismic, industrial and environmental risks related to pollution in the Sacco Valley.

Currently, However, The Health Management of the ASL of Frosinone Continues To Close Important Inpatient Departments at Spaziani Hospital, For Example ENT and Ophthalmology, Which in the Pasted H24, Thus Leading to a situation that Casts Doubt on the Functionality of the First -Level Dea. Not to Mention that there are More than 150 Access to the Emergency Room and First Aid Points of the ASL of Frosinone.000 in 2014 But Physicians Are Understaffed. AT Least 26 More would be needed to try Answers to Patients Without Consional Expenses for Extraordinary Services, or it would be enaught to Activate The Emergency Room in Ceccano, Just 7 km from the Provincial Capital.

The Use of Overtime, Which, Moreover, Going Over Normal Work Shifts and the Consequent Lack of Staff Rest, Also Become Commonplace in the Main Departments of All Three Hospitals in Frosinone, Sora and Cassino (Pediatrics, Neonatology, Medicine, Orthopedics, Overvas, Hematology, Aesthesia and Resuscitation, Radiology, Cardiology and the Various Analytical Laboratories).

I know the wonder if the problem is not precise the corporate reorganization established by the new dg Isabella Mastrobuono ".

Thus in a note Oscar Tortosa, president of the Italian Socialist Party Group in the Lazio Regional Council.