Dear Mayor, following the 50 percent self-reduction of the water fee made by some citizens, l’administration she presides over is sending an intimidating letter that we feel does not comply with the law.

It pains me to say that the severity has not yet been understoodà Of the health situation, resulting from the distribution of water unfit for domestic use. Thereò is also inferred from the manifesto “A as Arsenic” and from the leaflet distributed in schools, which gravely forget to inform that l’water that is distributed by the’municipal water works è 70 percent of it coming from Lake Vico, which è subject to the phenomenon of the’Red algae and its carcinogenic microcystins.

We do not feel that this is the correct way to inform citizens, not least becauseé from the website of the Municipality of Ronciglione are no moreù visible ordinances of non-potableà, in particular the no. 20 of June 10, 2011 and the no. 25 of July 13, 2010, né L’municipal government yes è pressed to disseminate what the ASL has requested of it, né let alone bother to inform in detail the citizens who use the’water of the cottages “drinking fountains” on its potabilityà, by posting the bacteriological and chemical analyses.
Recall that there’correct information è an obligation imposed by law. We therefore re-propose to you the alreadyà Written by Our Lawyers on December 14, 2010, Urging You To Block The’Sending the intimidating letter to citizens claiming the right to the’Drinking Water.

“In Particular, We Warn You Against The Detachment of the’Water Users As Such Activityà would be in Full Willful and Unwarnted Violation of Your Contractual Obligations That would be Be immediate.

It is also peculiar that you recall of the aforementioned regulation (city council resolution no.6 of 3/3/2004) The Only Art. 44, forgetting, perhaps, that the’art.1 Provides:
“The Service of the’Aqueduct in the Municipal of Ronciglione è Governted by Legal Regulations, Technical Standards and the Provisions of These Regulations. L’Municipal Waterworks è I mean to provide Drinking Water Primarily for Public Utilities and Domestic Use… omissis”.

You also ignore, perhaps, how the relationship between you and individual users is contractual and private in nature and how the current regulations expressly provide that, in case of non-potableà, at 50 percent reduction of the water fee isndoded.

This Reduction was, Moreover, Almedy Thereà Was Requested by the’ADUC, WHich Got No Response in The Same Timafram with Which you instead Warned Members “self-deducers ”.

Without Prejudice, Therefore, to Any Question of the Responsibility of theà of the Municipality Regarding the non-Potatability of the Waterà and the dangerousnessà of’Water Supplied, As Revealed by the Findings of the Ausl of Viterbo, Which Asked You To Bring Drinking Water by Tanker Trucks, Certain That You will not beà Made no utility disconnection, we request that you independently tries 50% reduction in the 2010 and subsequent fees Until Potability is restoredà Real, and to the restitution of 50% of that fee with respect to the year 2008 and 2009 as well asé, For Those Who Have Not Made L’Self-Redation of That of 2010”.

Given the’inadequacy of initiatives, aimed at solving the problem of drinking water, we inform citizens that at the headquarters of the Committee, continues the preparation of claims for reimbursement and self-reductions of 50% of the water fee.