Intermittent Fasting Before Starting it is good to Hear from Doctor

Intermittent Fasting, Before Starting it is good to Hear from Doctor

Tea Intermittent Fasting Consists of Alterning The Hours in Which One Can Eat and Those in Which to Practice Fasting.

Many People Practice It To Lose Weight, Improve Their Health, and Have Positive Effects Throughout The Body. Remember that Do-It-Yourrself Diets Should Be Avided Without First Hearing from Doctor or Nutritionist.

In fact, According to Studies, Fasting Leads to Body Regeneration and the Elimination of Toxins and Damaged Cells To Make Room for New Healthy Cells.

But Intermittent Fasting Also Seems to Have a Positive Impact On Serious Conditions Such As Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout and Recurrent Cystitis.

There are different patterns that can be followed:

  • 16/8 (Also Called the Leangains Protocol), You Eat Over 8 Hours of the Day, Such As FROM 1 TO 9 P.m. While Fasting Is 16 Hours
  • Eat-stop-eat, Fasting Is 24 Hours, Once or Twice a Week, Such As Dinner The Day Before to Dinner The Day After
  • 5: 2, Only consume 500-600 Calories on Two Non-Consecutive Days of the Week. The Other 5 Days You Eat Normally

One Result of Intermittent Fasting that is seen is immediate Weight Loss.

Another Effect of Intermittent Fasting is to Reduce Insulin Resistance (IT Lowers Blood Sugar Levels by 3-6% and Fasting Insulin Levels by 20-31%, Which Shound Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes).

Intermittent fasting can reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers, blood sugar and insulin resistance (all risk factors for heart disease).

The positive effects of this practice are many, and there are continuous studies that tend to highlight them.That is why the practice of intermittent fasting is recommended for everyone.

But it is best not carried out by children, debilitated patients or the elderly.

However, the advice is to Consult your doctor before starting intermittent fasting.