Guanoemergency Prof Andreoni Avian tuberculosis germ can infect humans

Guanoemergency, Prof. Andreoni: “Avian tuberculosis germ can infect humans, but the real risk is avian’influenza”

Prof. Massimo Andreoni, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Tor Vergata PTV, Spoke at the Microphones of the Program “Genetics TODAY,” Hosted by Andrea Lupoli on Radio Cusano Campus, A station of Niccolò Cusano University (www.Unicusano.IT), Regarding The Guano Emergency in Rome.

“The germ from Avian Tuberculosis Can Infect Humans,” State Prof. Andreoni-, I know potentialy the risk is there. It must be said that this micro-bacterium is very common in the Environment, Regardless of Guano. It is easy to Find in Water and Aerations Than Desverged on the Ground. The risk of infection is hypothetical.

This is a micro organism that tends to infect immunocompromized individuals. The Avian Flu Virus is very contagious and the risk of infection is Higher That That of Avian Tuberculosis. In birds there can be influence viruses that are particles virulent and particles aggressive to humans, with lethality rates that reacch those of ebola, although fortunetely the virus is not transmitted from human to humanan. These Viruses However Are Residents in Southeast Asia, Not Related to the Incased presentation of Flocks in Our Cities. There are several viruses that can be present in bird feces and give eventre serus encephalitis.

In Italy, However, These Viruses Are Not Circulating At The Moment.”.

“In Bird Fces,” Explained Prof. Andreoni-There can be many microorganisms that can infect, just THINK of the bat and ebola, but especialy avian flon. Birds are certain acting vectors of infection.

There are no studies showing that in cities Where there is a lot of guano there is an income in Certain Diseases. But in addition to virus-related riks, the problem also needs to be solved for an environmental issue and to prevento people shorting and suffering fractures as has aldenady happened.”.