Diabetes Italy and Aniad Together To Promotte the Project “Weekly Pills Against Motion Inertia

Diabetes Italy and ANIAD together to promote the project “Weekly Pills Against Motor Inertia”

Every beginning of the week, for ten weeks, a professional will make video pills with simple fitness exercises for people with diabetes to do at home.

The initiative is promoted by Diabetes Italia Onlus

The initiative is promoted by Diabetes Italia Onlus in collaboration with ANIAD and Cities Changing Diabetes®, and with the unconditional contribution of Novo Nordisk

Launches Today “Weekly Pills Against Motor Inertia,” A Project of Diabetes Italia Onlus in Collaboration with Aniad – Italian National Association of Diabetic Athletes and the Unconditional Support of Novo Nordisk Within The Cities Changing Diabetes┬« Program, Aimed at People With Diabetes Who Wish to Maintain a minimum level of Physical Fitness After a period of Low or No Motor Activity Two to the Health Emergency In Our Country. The “video pills,” created by a metabolic fitness professional, will be available every beginning of the week for ten weeks on the websites and social media of the two patient associations.

The importance of exercise

“The importance of exercise for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, but also as an integral part of therapy for people with type 1 diabetes is well known, but despite this, it is still particularly difficult to motivate people to change their lifestyle,” says Concetta Suraci, President of Diabetes Italy. “With this project we want to make people with diabetes understand that even performing simple exercises done at home and without special aids can make a difference, and at the same time, we want to make available an easily accessible tool,” he concludes.

“Physical activity, when practiced consistently, has been shown to be an important preventive tool for many chronic diseases. Despite this, in our country, 40 percent of the population is completely sedentary and only about 30 percent engage in some kind of physical activity. Unfortunately, these numbers are also similar at the European and global level, which is why for some time now many initiatives by associations, political and health institutions, components of the scientific world and companies have been aimed at trying to reverse this trend,” says Marcello Grussu, national president of ANIAD.

The video pills

The video pills will initially be posted at 10 a.m. every beginning of the week on Diabetes Italy’s Facebook pages (https://www.Facebook.com/Diabetes-Italy-616856211783215/) and ANIAD (https://www.Facebook.com/aniad.org/) and will then be made permanently available on the institutional websites of both Diabetes Italy (https://www.diabetesitaly.it/) and by ANIAD (http://www.aniad.Org/), so that people can review them according to their needs.

Metabolic Fitness Represents in New Approach to Health and Sports Fitness, Placing Less Emphasis on Body Weight, But More Emphasis on Metabolic Health, to make the individual “ Metabolically Healthy ”.

The trainer Francesca Who Will Show and Explain The Exercises, If necessary, Will Also Be Available To Answer Any Doubts or Insights by Contact Her Through Email.

The International Cities Changing Diabetes® Project, Sponsored by University College of London, Steno Diabetes Center of Copenhagen, and Novo Nordisk, Aims to stimulate the study of the determinants of urban diabetes, to among which support healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life for People with diabetes. In This View, Exercise Takes On A Central Assect.