World Alzheimer’s Day Free Testing Tomorrow in Rome

World Alzheimer's Day, Free Testing Tomorrow in Rome

On the occasion of the World Alzheimer's day, free preventive tests will be available on Aphiternoon of Thursday, September 21, 2017,
in Rome at the Leonarda Vaccari Institute, Viale Angelico, 22. The tests are by the Igea Onlus Foundation, Which Works in Collaboration with the University of Rome.

The Test, Which Can Be Boobked by Callling 3270564759 – 06 375930207, Provides an initial checkup Of cognitive status to control brain aging
and the risk of neurodegenerative Diseases.

If necessary, action can be taken to identify risk factors and slow and couuntect the course of the disease with the train the brain protocol
(Train The Brain) That has been subsequently piloted by prof. Lamberto Maffei at the Institutes of Clinical Physiology and Neuroscience of the National Research Council.

The protocol, which has yielded significant cognitive improvements in 80 percent Of the patients who participated, it is applied by the IGEA Onlus Foundation.
Alzheimer's is an insidious disease that works silently for 15 to 20 years and slowly destroys neurons in the brain without giving symptoms,
so those who are sick don't realize it until the neural make-up is devastated but that point there is not much more to be done.
That's why prevention is very important, doing checkups, even on people who have no symptoms,
and identify those at risk before they fall into pathology and irreversible damage occurs.

World Alzheimer's Day: prevention first

Our brain is an organ like any other, over time ages and can become ill, it needs to be checked, as we check other organs by going to the cardiologist, ophthalmologist or orthopedist, and it also needs to be kept exercised, as we do for muscles by going to the gym,
and world alzheimer's day help with just that.

With Exercise The Muscles Stay Toned and You Slow Down Aging, The Same Thing Goes For the Brain. The Train The Brain Protocol is Also Useful for Healthy People Who Want To Train Their Minds and Slow Down Aging. The Test, Useful for Everyone, is Particularly Recommended for People Over 55 Years Old.

Alzheimer's Disease is becoming a Worldwide Emergency two to an aging population. There are 47 Million Sufferers Worldwide, Over 800,000 in Italy, Cases Are Growing Dramotically and the World Health Organization Predicts It Will Reach 135 Million in 2050. The recent summit of Heads of State and Government recommended that all countries around the world find effective strategies to prevent and slow down the course of dementia, urging the conduct of activities and research to anticipate the disease and identify those at risk before the neural make- up is compromised.