Diet areas, What Kind of Diet Is It

Diet areas, What Kind of Diet Is

Among the Various Diet That Have Emerged in Recent Years, One of the Most Famous and Most Popular Diets Even Among Show Business Personalities is the Diet areas. The zone Diet was created by U.S. Physician Barry Sears and Is Based on the eicosanoids, Hormones Responsible for number Functions Within Our Bodies. The Perfect Month To Start a Diet?


The Levels of these Hormones May Vary Depending on Taking Certain Medications or Eating Certain Foods.

The Zone Diet

And although every cell in our body can produce them, eicosanoids are not always activated in a way that is good for the body. Thanks to the zone diet, and thus by consuming the foods that are prescribed in this dietary regimen, it is possible to boost the production of these hormones and thus improve, the functioning of our body.

Having said that, what kind of diet is that of the zone diet?

The nutrition of this diet is based on three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat, which must be present in these proportions 40%-30%-30% respectively;

the protein Are contained in:

  • white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit)
  • fish (sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel)
  • legumes
  • eggwhite

These are the foods that should be eaten first during the meal: in this way, the production of insulin will be delayed and there will be a decrease in excess fat.

THE fats are very important nutrients because they, too, delay the production of insulin given by carbohydrates; therefore, they should not be eliminated.

They are contained in extra virgin olive oil, nuts and hazelnuts.

Finally, between the carbohydrates contemplated in the zone diet, there are those of fruits and vegetables, preferably those with a low glycemic index, and the consumption of starchy foods should be limited. In the zone diet breakfast represents the main meal.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon there is a snack and then normally lunch and dinner. It is essential to drinks 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily And avoid sweet drinks and alcohol.