Rome’s Israelitic Hospital is tinged with pink

Rome's Israelitic Hospital is tinged with pink

The Israelitic Hospital in Rome Was Today Award by the Onda Foundation, The National Observatory on Women's and Gender Health, 2 Pink Stamps Based on A Scale of One To Three, for the Two-Year Period 2020-2021. The Bollini Rosa (Pink Stamps) are the Recognition that Onda Foundation, Which has long been committed to the promotion of gender medicine, has given since 2007 to Hospital that pay to women's health and distinguish themselves by offering services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis diagnosis and Treatment of the Main Diseases of Women.

A special multidisciplinary commission

A Special Multidisciplinary Commission, Chaird by Walter Ricciardi, Director of the Department of Women's and Children's Health Sciences and Public Health at Polyclinic Gemelli in Rome, validated The Stamps Achieved by the Hospitals in the Candidacy Considering the Qualitative Elements of Particle Relevance and The Result In The Different Specialist Areas Present.

Three Evaluation Criteria Were Used to Evaluate The candidate Hospitals: The presentce of clinical specialties that specifically female health problem and cross-gender pathologies that retquire differentiated pathways, diagnostic and therapeutic pathways and clinical-anesso services capable of ensence in Relation to the Needs and Psycho -physical Characteristics of the Patient, and additional Services Aimed at Ensuring Adequate Reception and Hospitalization of Women Including Volunteer Support, Cultural and Religious Mediation and Social Assistance.

"The Award for the Biennium 2020-2021 of the Pink Stamps to the Israelite Hospital of Rome Once Again Confirms," Said Israelitic Hospital President Adv. Bruno Sed – The Attention and Care of Our Facilities for the Promotion and Awareness of Women's Health. It is a Matter of Great Honor for Us Today to Receive Such A Significant Award, Which Encourages US To Move Forward and An Increationly Correctly Response For Women, from Prevention to Diagnosis to Treatment. The Road is the right one ".