Do-It-Yourrself Diet, The Dangers If You Have Medical Conditions

Do-It-Yourrself Diets, The Dangers You Run If You Have Medical Conditions

DO-IT-YOURSLF DIETS ARE NEVER A Good Idea: Even If You Read or Hear About “Miracle” Diet Regimens That Make You Lose 30 Pounds in a short time or other types of crash diets, they are net to be trusted. The risks involved in following certain diet regimens (which do not take into consideration a person’s starting state and lifestyle) are numerous.

Diet, always take into account pathologies

But you run dangers especially if you have medical conditions, so individuals who have, for example, diabetes, cardiovascular problems or other health problems, should be even more careful not to follow do-it-yourself diets or rely on “pseudo-professionals” who give generalized advice without taking into consideration the person’s pathology.

Seeing a doctor about one’s diet is the ideal solution because, by diagnosing the condition, the doctor will know very well what dietary regimen the patient can follow precisely in light of that health problem he or she has.

Not Taking Pathology Int account and conducting a DO-IT-YOURSELF Diet, on the Other Hand, May induces in the risk of exactbing The Pathology or Cousing Others to Arise.

In fact, it is often mistakenly thought that “dieting” implies eliminating certain foods, eating little or not eating at all, not considering that this can lead to very serious nutritional deficiencies that can impair the proper functioning of the body.

The key principle of a diet is precisely to get people back in shape but without harming health or intensifying pre-existing conditions (but, if possible, reducing them).

Similarly, a healthy and balanced diet should not make people lose a lot of weight and then regain it soon after but should make them feel good, fit and with lots of energy and zest for life. Therefore, before relying on DIY diets that work “by hearsay,” it is best to make an appointment with a medical dietician who will surely know the best path to take.