Migraine how to treat it

Migraines, how to treat them

Headache is one of the most common ailments in the world, and at least once in your life, you have experienced this pain. It is an involuntary and continuous inflammation and contraction of muscles, accompanied by a more or less severe pain perceived as a circle in the head, localized in specific areas of the head (occipital, orbital, lateral, frontal) or evenly distributed.

There may also be other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, light sensitivity, visual/sensory disturbances, tearing and red eyes, nasal congestion and so on.

But how to treat migration?

Headaches are also usually caused by dehydration, so drinking little water. Therefore, It May Be Helpful To Take Fluids Perhaps in the Form of calming herbal teas based on ginger or vanilla.

Other useful herbal teas are those made with passion flower, orange blossom, valerian, chamomile or lemon balm.

Another remedy consists of practicing massages through acupressure and theself massage: you can act either in the forehead or temple area, or in the area immediately below the nape of the neck, where the bony protrusions are located.

In the first case, one has to place thumb and forefinger and press the forehead or temples as much as possible, going down to the eyebrows, and then gradually release; in the second case, one has to apply gentle pressure with the thumbs.

Or you can run Controlled breathing techniques or do yoga.

Also thenutrition is very important since they are some foods that can encourage the onset of migraine such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, bananas, chocolate, coffee, alcohol containing superses (conservatives that can trigger headaches), glutamate from packaged nuts, some dairy products, red meat, , and so on.

So it is good to limit the consumption of these foods if you suffer from migraines.

If you do not want to opt for these Natural Remedies, You can take medication, Under the Advice of Your Doctor or Pharmacist.