Diabetes cases on the rise but there are tools to monitor the disease

Diabetes, cases on the rise, but there are tools to monitor the disease

The World Health Organization Has Sounded The Alarm: The diabetes Continues Its Growth Globally, Causing Over a 1.5 Million Deaths for Year and spreading particle in Low- and Middle-Income country, where about 80 percent of deaths Caused by this Disease Occhur.

This is one of the Information Contained in the “Global Diabetes Report“Published by the International Body On World Health Day, Which This 2016 was dedicated to Raising Awareness About Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure of diabetes.

Key Points. The Report Contains An Important Set of Statistical Insights and Advice for Sufferers or Their Families. It starts with outlining the Picture of the situation which, as mentioned, looks rather bleak, and is even set to worsen within the next 15 years: according to the WHO, in fact, in 2014 (the last year of data collection), adult individuals with diabetes were as many as 422 Million, That is, 8.5 percent of the global population, and by 2030 it is estimated that the dysase will touch the 600 Million Cases and Will Become the Seventh Leading Cause of Death in the World (IT Almedy Costs The Lives Of More Than 1.5 Million People in Year Nowadays).

To Underscore This Exponmential Growth, Just Think That in 1980 The Number of Sudesses Reached 108 Million, or 4.7 percent of the world’s population.

Even Italy is not immune to this problem: In Our Country There Are 5 Million Diabetics, Almost Double The Number Found 30 Years Aug, and Type 1 Diabetes is Also Increationly affectting Young People (25 Thousand Victims Under the Age of 18).

Problems with the scale. One of the causes of the incident of this dysase is to be found in the In ‘The Rise of Obesity and Overweight in the world population, affecting every age group: it is still the WHO report that explains how in 2014 more than one in three adults was overweight, and more than one in ten was even obese.

In addition, there is another issue of concern to experts: last year, about 382 million people did not know they had diabetes, and in Italy alone the number of undiagnosed patients exceeds 1.5 million, or one in four sufferers.

This obviously also affects the mortality, because there are as many as 2.2 million deaths a year due to damage caused by higher-than-normal blood glucose levels, which increase the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.

Side issues. Diabetes, in fact, involves numerous complications, ranging from increased likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke to vision loss and kidney failure, to To the amputation of lower limbs. In addition, 43 percent of deaths occur prematurely, before age 70, and could be prevented through improved lifestyle and a best diagnostic system, With more effective treatments.

According to WHO doctors, in fact, in order to manage diabetes properly, one must Adherence to a Number of Guidelines, That Have a Cornerstone in Taking Medication Regularly, and Continue with a Healthy Lifestyle, Regular Screenings and monitor the Risks of complications.

Countermeasures. Prevention and Control are therefore Two Key Elements in Combating This Disease; and Technology Can Offer Important Support in This Battle, Thanks to Innovative Solutions That Allow People to Constantly and Effectively Monitor Their Physical Status.


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