Massages but they cost on average

Massages, but they cost on average?

There are different types of massages, even if the two large categories are “therapeutic massages” and “beauty massages”. Obviously the various types have different prices, which also depend on the professionalism of the masseur. Before going to a check center that the spa or the massage center respects the anti -voucher rules required by law.

The most classic and requested relaxing massage to rebalance mind and body, it costs in average from 20 to 50 euros While the massage to solve cellulite imperfections, for example the lymphatic drainage one, costs at least 50 euros.

Massages, cycles to do

Taking into account that the latter massage must be performed in cycles to perform its benefits and that there are different types, the cost will increase as you go on with cycles.

If in fact the simple anti -cellulite massage It costs at least 50 euros, that carried out with the use of specific products such as creams, costs on average 60 euros while the most expensive is the one that uses cutting -edge machinery, with a cost of 150 euros.

The Shiatsu massage It is another very required massage: this also has different costs based on the massager that performs them. In fact, a beginner will be able to request even 25 euros for this service while an expert climb up to 40 euros.

Finally, if you make this massage in a spa, the price will increase up to 100 euros. So, in principle, for a massage of any kind, prices can range from 20 up to 150 euros.

Many times the price can also depend on the duration of the massage: an example is the cervical one that also consists of cycles to be carried out in spaces spaced by some time (days, months). 15 minutes of massage cost 25 euros while half an hour, 35 euros.

Other massages are those anti -aging, those to relax your face or to firm the body or solve problems related to contractures (especially for sportsmen). All of these have variable prices which, on average, range from 25 to 150 euros.